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With it’s high quality, modern, innovative and environment friendly products, which are the result of the investments and research and development studies since 1989; KEM - the rising company of the building materials and construction chemicals sectors - provides long lasting, permanent and user/customer friendly solutions at all parts of the buildings from exterior surface till interior details.

As KEM, we are proud and glad to present many products that building/construction sector requires, like cement based ready mix plasters and masonry cements with enhanced chemical properties to obtain the best result in applications; adhesive mortars, joint filling, grouting, water proofing and surface preparation materials with various chemical compositions, all with high production standards and product quality.

Although the main sector of activity of KEM is building/construction; the natural minerals like calcite, dolomite and expanded perlite, which are used in numerous industries from steel to pharmaceutical, from paint to textile, are also available in our product range in various granule sizes.






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